Datun Ayurvedic Paste has a unique blend of 22 supremely effective Ayurvedic ingredients.
Neem: Antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
Khair: Gum tightening and anti-inflammatory properties.
Keekar: prevention and protection from bleeding gums.
Arjun : cure gums problem and protect from oral infections
Saindhav Lavan : from ancient times Lavan is found to be beneficial in cleaning teeth. Massage of Namak on gums provide them strength.
+ our unique blend of 17 other Ayurvedic Ingredients such as Vajardanti, Amrood, Lavang, Bargad, Phitkari, Pipli etc. of which safely keep your gums and teeth healthy.

My teeth has a plaque formation which gives foul smell. Will Datun paste be beneficial in my problem?

Datun paste has been prepared from 22 herbs which on regular use may help you to get rid of plaque and foul smell.

What importance does oral care play in maintaining my overall health?

Don’t give your oral care a back seat in general health because the mouth is the gateway for overall well-being. Negligence of oral care affects nutrition, growth and weight gain.