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Dr. Ipsa She Wash

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Dr Ipsa SHE WASH – Feminine Hygiene Is Even More Necessary Than Beauty

The perfect solution for the desired effect with the right, reliable cleansing balance.

This deodorizing cleanser is a gentle, safe and effective way for sanitizing your intimate parts. Specially formulated, it is totally sulphate free, soap free, alkali free and ideal pH balance of 3.5

A Woman’s Need…

Personal hygiene for a woman goes farther than everyday grooming. It’s a must. It’s a way of life. It is especially essential for those special parts that need special attention. How many products in your shower are specifically formulated for your vaginal area? Use of conventional soap on your private parts can disturb the acid-alkali balance – which microbes take advantage of, leading to vaginal inflammation, itching, and redness.

But this can be solved by regular use of Dr Ipsa SHE WASH pH Balanced formulation. This helps keep your most intimate parts free of infection, nourishing your skin and helping repair damaged tissue, and tighten muscles around your vagina.

You’ll feel fresher than ever before.

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