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IPSA B-Shapes Cream

Product Code : 33079010


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B-Shapes is a non-fragrant herbal firming cream that helps uplift your breasts, making them firmer and attractive. It’ll leave you with a firmer, curvier and appealing appearance.

The need for the perfect shape.

The confidence level of a woman and her physical characteristics are directly proportional. Case studies have shown that the upper half from the neck below accounts to vital blood flow for overall wellbeing. The major aesthetics of the female anatomy can be improved by tightening of the skin which in turn, firmly improves the shape irrelevant of the size.

Formulated for the need to naturally stimulate circulation and improve shape, this cream is a non-fragrant herbal solution for the attractive, curvier you!

In a nutshell…


  1. Improves blood circulation to ensure nourishment
  2. Increases glandular tissues to feel firmer and uplifted
  3. Improves the skin texture and tones the overall area.
  4. Tightens and improves the breast contour
  5. Uplifts ageing breasts

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Out of Delhi 50