Nutriskin Anti Nappy Rash Ayurvedic Cream

A specially formulated Ayurvedic Cream which treats rashes, controls inflammation and soothes irritation caused due to rubbing of diapers / clothes against baby’s very soft skin. It also provides a protective layer on baby’s skin.

Nutriskin Anti Nappy Rash Cream

Nirgundi Oil: Relieves Pain.
Yashad Bhasma: Aids in healing the rashes and keep baby’s skin dry.
Aloe Vera: Antibacterial and Antifungal properties.
Almond Oil: Excellent Moisturizer.
Tulsi: Antibacterial Properties.
Neem: Natural Antiseptic and skin cleanser.
Manjishtha: Anti-inflammatory Properties.



Nutriskin Anti Nappy Rash Ayurvedic Cream 25gm: 70