Shilajit: Promotes testosterone levels naturally. Enhances performance.

Ashwagandha: Physical & mental strength to body.

Akarkara: Provides physical & mental strength.

Safed Musli: An effective impotence cure and improves erection quality naturally.

Gokhru: Improves sexual weakness.

Shatawari: Provides regularity and healthy sperm count.

Vidarikand: Rejuvenates male reproductive system, increases quality & quantity of semen

Kaunch Beej: Cures low libido by releasing youth hormone.

Kesar: This magical herb has the ability to provide vigor.

Shudh Kuchla: Used in impotence, improves strength of penile muscles.

Javitri: Helps in erection.

Dalchini: Removes physical fatigue.

Jaiphal: Treats premature ejaculation, increase & maintain sexual energy.

Lavang: Aphrodisiac, can help men from reaching orgasm too early.

Tulsi: Cures hormonal disturbance.

Kapoor: Aphrodisiac property, improves sexual desire.

Vang Bhasm: Used in treatment of impotence.

Abhrak Bhasm: Cures sexual disorders.

Swarn Bang Bhasm: Acts as a Rasayana.

Makardwaj: Improves sexual & general debility.

Ras Sindoor: Sexual & general debility, improves immunity.



Khel Power Ayurvedic Capsules (10 capsules) : 280