Khel Ayurvedic Power Oil

       Khel Power Ayurvedic Oil (For Men Only)


-              Khel Power Oil is manufactured with time tested & trusted herbs which mainly helps in sexual debility.

-              Khel Power Oil is used when there is poor erection of penis due to weakness of penile muscles and blood vessels of that area.

-              Masturbation & excessive sexual intercourse also leads to penile muscle weakness.

-              Regular use of Khel Power Oil increases stimulation and excitement.

-              Khel Power Oil is best for harder erection of penis.

-              Khel Power Oil cures premature ejaculation.

Ashwagandha :?Provides Physical & mental strength.

Akarkara: Has libido stimulant, improves physical strength and performance.

Kesar: This magical herb has the ability to provide vigor.

Aloe Vera:?Used in erectile dysfunction, increase power for sexual desire.

Javitri: Helps in erection.

Jaiphal: Treats premature ejaculation, increase & maintain sexual energy.

Kapoor: Aphrodisiac property, improves sexual desire.

Dalchini: Removes physical fatigue.



Khel Power Ayurvedic Oil (15 ml.) : 172