Khel Ayurvedic Power Capsules

Khel Power Ayurvedic Capsules (For Men Only) Incorporated with 21 precious time tested and trusted herbs, bhasmas & minerals Khel Power Capsule provides strengths to overcome physical, mental & sexual weakness.

Khel Power Capsule improves semen count and quality.

Minerals like Zinc, Iron, Gold present in Khel Power Capsules provides strength to body.

Khel Power Capsules regular use gives muscular strength of that part by increasing blood circulation to penis.

Khel Power Capsules increases stimulation and excitement to penis.

Shilajit:?Promotes testosterone levels naturally. Enhances performance.

Ashwagandha: Physical & mental strength to body.

Akarkara: Provides physical & mental strength.

Safed Musli:?An effective impotence cure and improves erection quality naturally.

Gokhru: Improves sexual weakness.

Shatawari: Provides regularity and healthy sperm count.

Vidarikand: Rejuvenates male reproductive system, increases quality & quantity of semen

Kaunch Beej: Cures low libido by releasing youth hormone.

Kesar: This magical herb has the ability to provide vigor.

Shudh Kuchla: Used in impotence, improves strength of penile muscles.

Javitri: Helps in erection.

Dalchini: Removes physical fatigue.

Jaiphal: Treats premature ejaculation, increase & maintain sexual energy.

Lavang: Aphrodisiac, can help men from reaching orgasm too early.

Tulsi: Cures hormonal disturbance.

Kapoor: Aphrodisiac property, improves sexual desire.

Vang Bhasm: Used in treatment of impotence.

Abhrak Bhasm: Cures sexual disorders.

Swarn Bang Bhasm: Acts as a Rasayana.

Makardwaj: Improves sexual & general debility.

Ras Sindoor: Sexual & general debility, improves immunity.



Khel Power Ayurvedic Capsules (10 capsules) : 280