Eraser Herby Cool Ayurvedic Powder(Sandal)

A new and advanced Ayurvedic formulation designed to treat prickly heat, stinging and itching of skin. Also, to give your biggest sensory organ (skin) an ultra-cooling sensation. Eraser Herby Cool is rich in antiseptic properties, so it is effective in protecting your skin from infection, and for treating “Dhobi’s Itch” and Athlete’s Foot.

Eraser Herby Cool is available in  Sandal, Lavender and Rose Fragrances – so pick your favourite and let Herby Cool cool your senses.

Ayurvedic Ingredients in Herby Cool Prickly Heat Powder

Our advanced formulation includes Tankan Amal, Tulsi, Jasad Bhasma & Shankh Bhasma which are rich in antiseptic properties and Pudina, Karpoor, Marigold, Chandan that are natural soothers & coolers.

What causes prickly heat rash?

Heat rash or prickly heat, medically termed as miliaria, is an itchy, irritating skin condition that occurs due to prolonged exposure in any hot or humid environment. It’s the direct result of sweat ducts getting blocked. The sweat rises up towards the surface of the skin but instead of cooling down; it gets trapped in the skin itself and causes a spotty red rash. Prickly heat is extremely common. It can show up anywhere on the body but you’re particularly likely to see it around folds of the skin: at joints and around the tummy or bottom, but also on the arms, legs and face.



Eraser Herby Cool Ayurvedic Powder(Sandal) 150gm :  85