Eraser Plus Ayurvedic Bar 75gm

Daily Defence Against Hyperpigmentation, Pimple Marks, Wrinkles – Loaded  with Ayurvedic ingredients that  provide anti-marks and fairness properties.

Eraser Plus Ayurvedic Bar 75gm

WHEAT GERM OIL:A natural source of Vitamin E which promotes cell renewal - restoring smoothness and aiding all-round healing of your skin.
SAFED CHANDAN:Gentle antiseptic and skin cleanser.
ORANGE PEEL:Revitalises your skin leaving it smooth and velvety.
ALOE VERA: Antibacterial and antifungal properties.
HALDI:Keeps your skin glowing, shiny and blemish free.
TULSI: Antibacterial properties.
NEEM:Antiseptic and skin cleanser.
ROSE: Rejuvenates, tones and refreshes your skin.
KESAR: Anti-inflammatory properties, healing effect on your skin

A) How often can I use Eraser Plus Anti marks +Fairness bar?

We advise to wash your face with Eraser plus Bar twice a day. One is the morning and the other preferably at bed time.

Can this product also be used by men?

Yes the products have been formulated keeping both males and females in mind. Regular use of Eraser Plus bar will also defend your skin against pollutants and toxins present in air.

) Is This Product suitable for children?

Yes, Eraser plus Bar can be used by both adults & children.

How does Eraser Plus bar work?

When used with Eraser Plus Ayurvedic Antimarks bar on a regular basis it speed up the natural cell renewal process this quickly heal and diminish. The Marks Present on Skin.



Eraser Plus Ayurvedic Bar 75gm 75gm: 50