Eraser Herby Cool Powder


Provides relief from prickly heat rash & burning sensation, effective anti-bacterial & anti-fungal formulation, soaks excessive sweat, protects skin from itching & discomfort, can be effectively used in Dhabi's itch & Athlete foot.

Eraser Herby Cool Powder is available in Sandal, Rose & Lavender fragrances.

OInstructions for use

Sprinkle Eraser's Herby Cool Powder liberally over the affected area for relief from prickly heat, heat rash and burning sensation. Its effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formulation controls bacterial growth & infection. Its ultra cooling sensation soaks excessive sweat and protects your skin from itching & discomfort.

Active Ingredients

Tankan Amla, Tulsi, Jasad Bhasma & Shankh Bhasma are rich in antiseptic properties. Pudina, Karpoor, Marigold and Chandan are natural soothers & coolers which effectively treat the prickly heat, stinging & itching of skin by providing ultra cooling sensation. It is also effective in the treatment of Dhabi's itch & Athlete's foot.


Eraser Herby Cool Powder 150g. : 82
Rose, Sandal, Lavender