Arodent Ayurvedic Gum & Dental Paste

Try it out yourself to feel the difference! As it looks after both your gums and teeth - it’s the complete Ayurvedic system for oral care.

Arodent fights against a range of common dental problems – such as bleeding gums, pyorrhea, toothache, Upaakusa, foul breath and sensitivity.

Our ingredients are the go-to-cure for gum and dental problems. These powerful Ayurvedic herbs are sourced for their premium quality. The pioneering team of doctors in our R&D uses the most advanced health technology to blend it with scientific medicinal formulas to create Arodent Ayurvedic Gum and Dental Paste.

With over 15 years of time-tested heritage - Arodent is trusted and chosen by thousands with a smile.

Arodent has a unique blend of 18 supremely effective Ayurvedic ingredients.

Lavang : Dental pain reliever
Vajradanti : Strengthens your gums and teeth
Neem : Antiseptic and antibacterial properties
Khair : Gum tightening and anti-inflammatory properties
+ 14 other Ayurvedic Ingredients : such as ChottiElachi, Kali Mirch, Nagkesar, and Akarkara all of which safely keep your gums and teeth healthy.

How do I use Arodent Gum & Dental Paste?

Apply approximately 2g of Arodent Ayurvedic Gum and Dental Paste on a brush and rub gently over your gums and teeth for 3 -5 minutes. For best results use twice a day. See the pack for more detailed instructions.

Why are my gums important in maintaining my oral health?

Gums, are actually the base of your oral strength. Our oral cavity (mouth) is composed of an intricate relationship between hard and soft tissue. Our teeth are supported by the jaw bone but are “protected” by a gentler ligament that surrounds each root to soften the impact between the tooth root and bone. This entire package is then surrounded by a softer tissue that forms a tight seal around your teeth to provide a barrier to bacteria – also known as the Gums. So often, when we are not “keeping up” with the bacteria removal in our mouth by proper care, the gums get inflamed and start to hurt. Just like a fever is a symptom of something bigger going on in our body, so is pain in our gums often a symptom that something bigger is going on.

With its unique Ayurvedic formulation, Arodent Gum and Dental paste helps target both your gums and teeth – providing you with an extremely effective way to rid yourself of the pain and complications caused byoften neglected gums.

What importance does oral care play in maintaining my overall health?

Don’t give your oral care a back seat in general health because the mouth is the gateway for overall well-being. Negligence of oral care affects nutrition, growth and weight gain. Oral diseases are the most common of the chronic diseases and more often take root in the gums. Toothache, Gingivitis, Periodontitis arise from the negligence of gums even if the teeth are well taken care of. This is why looking after both your gums and teeth is important – which Arodent Ayurvedic Gum and Dental Paste helps achieve.



Arodent Ayurvedic Gum & Dental Paste 50 gm. : 55
Arodent Ayurvedic Gum & Dental Paste 100 gm. : 95
Arodent Ayurvedic Gum & Dental Paste 200 gm. : 165